Written By: the TMI squad team

Next Show: Revelations

Stories about when the truth hit you right in the face!

Are you ready to hear life changing stories? Be part of the huge East Bay scene known as TMI. Last month everyone went crazy over the stories and the amazing Caribbean food by Pop Etiquette SF which we are proud to say we will be having again this month. So come and enjoy food from the Island of Jamaica, featuring jerk chicken, peas and rice and beef patties. Door prize giveaways include our famous box of sex toys donated by Vixen Creations and of course our mushroom kit giveaway from Back To The Roots.

Kristina YatesDoug CordellGina Gold Johan MirandaFred Werner

Opening music by the lovely Victoria Feikert

Opera music by the fabulous: Leslie Landberg 

Thursday June 26

 7:30 pm

 LaPeña Cultural Center